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Selling Gold Jewelry is all the rage these days thanks to's generous payouts and liberal policies. Do you have jewelry that’s broken or otherwise unsuitable for wear? Why not turn that into money quick and easy by filling out our online form on these webpages to request an appraisal. We will rush you your very own CashPak that's insured for up to $500.00 at no cost to you to protect your valuables while in transit to us. Your CashPak is a special FedEx package that's pre-addressed with prepaid postage for your convenience, and every one we receive results in a one-dollar donation to the National Breast Cancer Foundation on your behalf!

Don’t sell your gold jewelry some refiner who will only offer you the bare minimum in “melt value.” Do business with a business that respects your business! Contact today and find out how selling gold jewelry can be one of the most lucrative things you do with a few minutes of time. It all starts and ends with filling out our simple online form to receive your own FedEx CashPak that’s insured for up to five hundred dollars against loss and damage. That’s all there is to it!

Our well-trained experts will determine your jewelry’s precious metal content according to fair market values for honest appraisals that are accurate and beneficial for you. If you agree with our offer, we will send you payment within twenty-four hours. Plus, we’ll even send you a free gift, just as a thank-you for the business! No need to look through the list of Gold Jewelry Buyers now that there is to give you the best prices for your precious metals alongside the technological infrastructure that allows you to track your CashPak in real-time for added peace of mind and security!

Get more money for your gold with and do business with someone you can trust. ensures your complete satisfaction with our twelve-day no-hassle return policy, where even the shipping is on us! Join the thousands who have earned millions over the past decade by selling gold jewelry to us,, the family-owned and operated business bringing a personal touch to this industry. That's because we understand that our first order of business is not making money, but satisfying you, our customer, in every which way we can. For modern hi-tech gold to cash payouts with a dollop of good old-fashioned customer service, it’s – or it’s not!

Quick turn-around. No-hassle service. The highest payouts in the industry. “Talk to us.”

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