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So you want to Sell Scrap Gold, do you?

Welcome to and welcome to the online powerhouse for people who sell scrap gold, silver, and platinum for quick and easy cash, with generous payouts and quick 24-hour payments. At you can get near-instant money for your valuables with an industry-leading 100% satisfaction guarantee that even allows you to change your mind after payment! For like no other company in this business, we understand how important your jewelry can be to you and we always take into consideration your concerns, too. That's why we also offer as a matter of course free insurance for your valuables - up to US$500.00 of it!

But it doesn't stop there when you sell scrap gold (or silver or platinum) to us, for we even send you a free gift, just as a thank-you for the business. Morever, every CashPak received results in a dollar donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation in your honor! That’s because has been family-owned and operated for over a decade, with an understanding that jewelry is only the secondary aspect of our business; people are first, people just like you.

That's why all payments are made within twenty-four hours, for your convenience and peace of mind. That's why all packages are insured at no cost to you, up to five hundred dollars - standard. It's why we are the industry leader when it comes to high payouts for scrap gold and other precious metals. On an information super highway otherwise cluttered with bad deals and shady dealers, is your trusted resource for turning unused or damaged jewelry into fast and easy money!

Simply fill out our form to be sent your postage-paid CashPak for no-hassle shipping via FedEx. That’s all! Getting Cash For Gold is as simple as that with us, with no haggling and no nicke and diming. An honest jeweler simply tells you how much he or she can afford for your valuables, and never puts you on the spot by asking you how much you think you should receive! For the quality service and satisfaction you deserve, choose and look no further when it comes to scrap gold, silver, or platinum you wish to sell for the highest prices possible.

Remember that with, you are always in control! After all, your first priority is finding someone you can trust. With a nationally recognized brand that’s been on the record on television, you can rest assured that is all business and no nonsense, with a streamlined no-nonsense operation that makes everything fast and friendly. “Talk to us.”

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