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Captain Cash

In some ways it's easier than every to Sell Gold for Money these days, and in some ways it's harder than ever!

The worldwide web has made such a transaction unbelievably convenient, where a professional appraisal is almost literally just a mouse-click away. At the same time, to sell gold for money successfully, for the highest payouts and no hassles whatsoever, can be tricky on account of all the "me-too" companies out there offering similar claims and policies.

Welcome to We're different. We're a family-owned and operated business with several years of experience in this industry, both online and off. We have paid out millions of dollars over the better part of a decade to thousands of people just like you who sell gold for money quickly and easily with our CashPaks that take care of all the details for you. They are special return-addressed postage-prepaid packages through which you send us your valuables for an appraisal. These special FedEx mailers are insured at no cost to you for up to five hundred dollars as a courtesy - not to mention your peace of mind!

If you then like our quote, we've got a deal! You will be paid within twenty-four hours of an agreement. But with, you also get a grace period during which to change your mind with no penalty whatsoever! Your complete satisfaction is our goal, and that means we revolve around your concerns. So choose and choose top dollar for your bottom line today!

For like no other company, we understand that we’re not simply dealing with objects but with people, customers just like you who are looking for professionalism and service that’s sensitive to their needs. It all starts with our online form available here on this website, through which you will receive a CashPak for FedEx shipping insured at up to five hundred dollars, free!

You will never need to play any games with us: No haggling and nickel-and-diming. We offer you volume pricing as a matter of course so that the more you sell at once the more money you will receive. And with, even old or broken jewelry is all right! Whether it's a pendant with one too many scratches or a necklace that is no longer wearable, we will accurately assess their precious metal content to give you the best value for your valuables.

That’s how we run things. It’s who we are. For the quality and value you deserve, look to and look no further: Quick turn-around. No-hassle service. The highest payouts in the industry. It’s – or it’s not! “Talk to us.”

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