Where to Find and Sell Platinum

     Selling gold is a phenomenon that more and more people are becoming aware of. This is not the case with platinum. Platinum is more expensive than gold, and thirty-five percent more rare. Selling platinum can be extremely profitable! Many people don’t know this, or don’t know that they even have platinum within their possession. Platinum often looks like silver, but it is harder than gold or silver, it is more rare, and is can earn you a lot more money!

   The price of platinum is at an all-time high, and because it is a natural resource that cannot be replenished, the price of platinum is staying at a high. Captain Cash for Gold buys not only gold and silver, but also platinum, at a very high payout! If you’re not sure whether you have platinum, but want to sell platinum, send everything in. Captain Cash for Gold will sort the gold, silver, and platinum from the fakes, and tell you how much everything is worth. If you want to check for yourself whether something is platinum, look on the inside of the jewelry. Platinum is usually stamped PT950, or PT, with a different number following.

   Captain Cash for Gold is the place to go to sell platinum, because many metal refiners don’t deal with platinum. Pawnshops or other gold buyers also might not tell you that your valuable is platinum at all, and that you should really be getting a lot more cash for platinum. Captain Cash for Gold deals in all precious metals, and has paid out thousands of dollars in platinum, as well as gold and silver. As a family-run business, Captain Cash for Gold is built on a foundation of integrity and reliability. They are the perfect blend of personal interest where it counts, and efficient professionalism. When sending in your platinum for gold, you can be sure that you’ll receive an accurate quote.

    An educated consumer, or in this case, an educated seller, is a smart seller. There are those who may assume that all online gold and platinum buyers are the same. This is not the case. Before selling platinum, time is a worthwhile investment to make when used to research different platinum buyers. Investigating the background and track record of a platinum buyer is even more important than when dealing with gold, as the stakes are raised with the higher price of platinum. This can be done by reading testimonials, and getting an overall feel for the site, before surrendering your valuables to them.

     There are some unlikely places where you might find platinum. Catalytic converters in cars are often made of platinum. Before sending your car to the junkyard, have a mechanic remove the catalytic converter. This may prove to be extremely profitable, when you receive cash for platinum! Thermocouple wire is also often made of platinum. Those who work in businesses that involve heating, such as a plumber or electrician, may have scrap or extra thermocouple wire that can be sold for cash. Another place where platinum may be found is in lab equipment. This is because platinum has a very high boiling point, so it is often used in lab equipment for heating objects to very high temperatures. Of course, the most obvious place to look for platinum is at the bottom of your jewelry box.

    Wherever platinum is found, it’s always a good idea to get cash for platinum. The investment is minimal, and the rewards can be priceless.