Tips to Remember Before you Sell Gold

     Getting cash for gold is quick and easy – when done correctly. Although it takes minimal effort to sell gold, there are certain precautions that should be taken to ensure that you are getting the right amount of cash for gold, and that the transaction is completed smoothly and quickly, with the greatest benefit to all involved parties.
    Get Rid of the Middleman
    You make more money when there are less people involved in your cash for gold transaction. If you sell gold to a jeweler or company that pays someone else to melt the gold down, the middleman is taking a dip out of your profit. Be sure that the company you are selling your platinum, gold, or other precious metals to is a gold refiner themselves, as Captain Cash for Gold is. In this way, you are selling your gold straight to a metal refiner, and don’t have to go through a third party.
    Know the Current Value of Gold
    Look at our first blog post for a detailed guide on how to approximate the value of your gold. When you know how much your precious metals are worth you are an educated consumer, and you can be sure that you are getting a fair amount when you sell gold.
    Get Insured
    Captain Cash offers a great feature that few other metal refiners do. Along with your CashPak, you will receive an insured envelope in which to send in your gold or platinum. This protects against your valuables getting lost in the mail system, and allows you to track your jewelry all the way to our state of the art plant.
    Remove Precious Stones
    Before sending in your jewelry, you may want to remove precious stones from the gold settings. Captain Cash offers a service that few other metal refiners do, in that we do send back precious stones that are set within your jewelry. However, if you want to ensure that your stones will be saved, many jewelers will remove the stones for a nominal fee.
    Choose a Reliable Company
    Choosing the best cash for gold company does not only mean choosing the one that offers the highest quote. This is because some companies don’t have good reputations, and they’ve earned the reputation that they have. The metal refining company you are looking into should be checked online. Look for a company that has few bad references, with testimonials from satisfied customers. Certification from the Better Business Bureau is also a good sign, and their ratings of the company are reliable.
    After you have taken the necessary precautions, your job is done. Just send in your CashPak along with your gold or platinum, and a check will arrive in the mail shortly. Spend it wisely!