24 Hour Processing

     In today’s society, people expect everything to be instant. This applies to coffee, fast food, education, and a lot of other everyday tasks. However, the gold industry has not yet caught on, because there is no instant when dealing with multiple mailing transactions. Instant has now arrived to the metal refining industry, too.
    Captain Cash for Gold offers sellers an opportunity to sell gold almost instantly. In a regular cash for gold transaction with an online buyer, sellers must request a form online, and wait for it to arrive. They must then get around to filling it out, and wait for the company to receive their form and the gold. Then they have to wait for the gold to be sorted and assessed. Now they must wait for a check to arrive in the mail. The entire transaction can take a very long time, with a lot of waiting involved. Many people who sell gold for cash are doing it because they need the money instantly. There is no time for all this waiting.
    Captain Cash guarantees 24-hour processing. A CashPak is sent out immediately after the seller requests it. Sellers are provided with a FedEx insured envelope in which to send back the gold so that the valuables are ensured a safe and rapid transit. As soon as Captain Cash for Gold receives the gold, their experts spring into action, separating the gold from the fake stuff, and evaluating the value of the gold. They offer a guarantee of 24-hour processing from when the gold is received until the check is sent out. Every effort is made to ensure that those looking to sell gold receive their cash as soon as possible.
   Many are skeptical of selling gold online. They worry that the check is non-refundable, and even if they can return the check for their gold, the gold buyer may have already melted the gold down. With Captain Cash, this is not the case. After the check is sent out, the gold is held in reserve for a considerable amount of time to allow sellers time to receive the check and cash it, before the gold is melted down to be reused new pieces.
    For gold buyers who need instant cash, the place to get cash for gold is Captain Cash for Gold, where 24-hour processing and instant customer care is their number one priority.