Gold Sellers Testimonials

Thanks for buying our gold jewelry at top dollar. It really helps us out and we never thought we could be happy to part with our precious jewelry, but it was necessary in this economy and we appreciate getting the best prices from you out of everyone we contacted, including friends and family!
Michael & Tamara Browning
Excellent service, fast and hassle-free. Much appreciated.
Travis Chapman, Jr.
Thanks Captain Cash For Gold, the money couldn’t have come at a better time.
Erin O’Grady
I’ve never written a company before but I’m really impressed by the level of service from you. If you remember, I had the antique that you informed me was worth far more than you could pay for. I’m forever thankful for your honesty, and am really touched. Please accept this [small gift] as a token of my eternal appreciation. I just can’t express my gratitude enough and look forward to finally doing business with your company one day.
You were great and so like thanks, just wanted you to know!
Aynsley Kirshenbaum
Hi, I’ve received my gold back just like you said and everything is fine. It was a pleasure and I will now send you everything else I have.
Daniel Wilberforce II
Hello, I guess you weren’t kidding when you said that your quote was the best I’d ever get. Okay, so I’m convinced now! How do I get started again?
Tucker N.
Dear [Captain] Cash For Gold...I want to commend your representative [Dee] for a wonderful transaction from start to finish. She presented herself with professionalism and tact and made us feel richer than gold itself. We received very fair and honest prices for our jewelry and were paid within a day, just like [Dee had said we would be]. Everything flowed smoothly, and the free shipping and especially insurance was to us the sign of a solid and established company. We are writing now just to let you know what you have done right for us so that you will never change how you do business! It is not easy giving up jewelry but it is easier dealing with honest brokers like [Captain] Cash For Gold. And thanks for the free gift!
Eileen Pagan-Wood