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Captain Cash Accepting New Charities in Donate Cash for Gold Program

    There are many cash for gold companies around, urging customers to sell their gold for a variety of different reasons, promising high payouts. One thing that no company can offer is a chance to do a good deed while getting rid of old gold. Now Captain Cash is offering just that, a chance for sellers to get rid of old gold and help those in need.
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Replace Old Expensive Jewelry with Costume Jewelry

    For most women, when they think of the word jewelry, images of delicate gold chains and brilliant diamonds come to mind.  Realistically speaking, however, for the vast majority of the world population, these are dreams that might never come to fruition.  Fine jewelry is a luxury that few can afford, and is mostly geared to the rich upper class.  For those who are able to realize their dream of fine jewelry, it is being fulfilled with jewelry that is on the cheapest end of the spectrum.  Fortunately, in recent years fashion has embraced fake costume jew Read more »

Tips to Remember Before you Sell Gold

     Getting cash for gold is quick and easy – when done correctly. Although it takes minimal effort to sell gold, there are certain precautions that should be taken to ensure that you are getting the right amount of cash for gold, and that the transaction is completed smoothly and quickly, with the greatest benefit to all involved parties.
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Gold has Reached Its Peak: Get Cash for Gold Now

    In the past year, with the economy hitting lows, gold hit record highs. Many analysts urged people to sell gold while the going was good, but many people held onto their gold, waiting for the price of gold to top out. Well, it just has. As of this month, the price of gold is slowly going down, signaling that the record highs the price of gold was hitting is coming to an end. More than ever before, the time to sell gold for cash is now. Read more »

24 Hour Processing

     In today’s society, people expect everything to be instant. This applies to coffee, fast food, education, and a lot of other everyday tasks. However, the gold industry has not yet caught on, because there is no instant when dealing with multiple mailing transactions. Instant has now arrived to the metal refining industry, too.
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Sell Gold to Save the Planet

America is one of the largest consumers of gold in the world, and in our minds, gold is a pretty, shiny element used to adorn and beautify. But that gold ring winking at you from a corner of the showcase might have a bloody story to tell.
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Why to Get Cash for Gold

    We live in a disposable world. We use disposable, dishes, disposable tablecloths, disposable cutlery, disposable electronics… The one thing that should not be disposable is gold. Getting cash for gold is faster and easier than ever before, and ensures that your gold will keep earning for you even after its life is over. Why get cash for gold?
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Sell Gold and Get Free Vacation

    The winter is setting in, the days are getting shorter, and you’re starting to get depressed. You want to run away on vacation to a warm place and forget everything and everyone. There’s just one problem. Vacations take cash. Cash that you don’t have. Captain Cash for Gold is here to solve both your problems in one fell swoop. All you have to do is sell gold. Read more »

How to Sell Gold for Cash

         Let’s face it; the experts spout statistics, the market analysts make predictions, but we’re just not seeing the money. Our economy is not in the greatest shape. Now is the time to get cash quickly and easily. Take a quick glance around your house. Notice anything out of the ordinary? No? Look again. You probably have old jewelry and heirlooms laying about the corners, collecting dust for so long you don’t even notice them anymore. Read more »

New Cash For Gold Blog

Captain Cash for Gold is proud to announce the launch of their cash for gold blog. In this blog you’ll find everything you need to know about selling your gold in the fastest, most efficient way possible, for the highest payout. They’ll also provide interesting news and tidbits concerning the gold world, and that will help you better make your decision about how to sell gold. Read more »

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