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Captain Cash is the premier Scrap Jewelry Buyer anywhere, online or off, with quality services for professional no-nonsense business dealings with a personal touch. Though a household name that’s been on the record on television, we still remain a proudly family-owned and operated company after all these years, with millions of dollars paid out to thousands of happily satisfied customers over more than a decade in the industry. is a Scrap Jewelry Buyer that will take any gold, silver, or platinum object no matter its form or condition and pay you top dollar within twenty-four hours. Plus, we have a twelve-day return policy to ensure your complete satisfaction – and you’ll even get a free gift, too! is the very portrait of a Scrap Jewelry Buyer in the 21st Century, with a modern streamlined process for transactions over the web and through the mail that’s quick and safe. And it’s all so easy, too: Simply fill out our online form to request your postage-paid CashPak for FedEx shipping insured at up to five hundred dollars, free! If you don’t agree with our appraisal, we’ll even return your valuables at our own expense.

Sell to us and do business with a Scrap Jewelry Buyer who won’t no nickel and dime you, with professional craftsmen who will evaluate your precious metals accurately at fair market prices for a quote that is completely honest. For instance, we offer you volume pricing as a matter of course so that the more you sell at once the more money you will receive. That’s because we understand like no other company that we’re not simply dealing with objects but with people, customers just like you who are looking for professionalism and service that’s sensitive to their needs. Choose and choose the most modern way to make money out of unused or broken jewelry, with the technological infrastructure to guarantee your peace of mind and security. For on an information superhighway otherwise cluttered with bad deals, shady dealers, and false advertising, is the friendly roadside rest-stop that offers you the quickest, safest, and easiest way to money, all with the quality experience you deserve.

Fill out our form online to receive your CashPak, send your jewelry via the CashPak, and receive a check within twenty-four hours of your agreement. If you change your mind, you have twelve days to receive your jewelry back at no cost to you.

That’s how we run things. It’s who we are. “Talk to us.”

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